Apartment "Schwalbe"

apartment "Schwalbe"


The apartment "Schwalbe" for 4 persons - large ca. 78m² is personaly  und homely

entrance Hamatli - Nickenig


equipped with:


Two severed double rooms partial with balcony,

a living room rurally epuipped with cockle stove,

shower with double wash basin,

WC seperat and a extra shower/WC,



WLAN costfree

kitchen complete equipped with dishwasher and dinette.


You can also enjoy the large balony in the south site and a nice patio to the west site


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apartment "Schwalbe"

The apartment "Schwalbe" for 4 persons (ca. 78m²) is equipped very homely and personaly.

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The apartment "Veilchen" for 2 persons (ca.56m²).

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